INT: Hot Rod boys

First off, Bill Hader is absolutely hilarious in SUPERBAD (read my review HERE). Jorma Taccone makes a welcome addition to “The Lonely Island“. And Danny McBride came from ALL THE REAL GIRLS to THE FOOT FIST WAY. All three are incredibly talented, and they add a whole bunch of humor to HOT ROD as the scene-stealing pals to Andy Samberg. But the real question is, which one really likes to party? (you'll "get" this when you see the movie)

The answer, I’m guessing, they all do. When they stopped by the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills , they seemed to have every one laughing. And guess what? They are fans of JoBlo.com ! Good to hear dudes. The three of them together made a fun few minutes of talk about “Cool Beans” and the joy of working together. They are all great guys who took the time out to talk to us and they are all worth a peek in the new film HOT ROD, coming to a theatre near you this Friday.

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Source: JoBlo.com



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