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Interview: Hot Tub Time Machine stars Lizzy Caplan and Collette Wolfe!

Mar. 22, 2010by:

HOT TUB TIME MACHINE comes out this Friday which features four friends sent back to the 80s with the opportunity to change their own lives. The film features the quartet of John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson, but behind the leading men are the gorgeous women theyre trying to get with.

In this case, thats Lizzy Caplan who plays a potentially timeline-altering love interest to Cusack, and Collette Wolfe, who is Cusacks hard partying sister and Clark Dukes mother, whom hes not too happy to see running around in her heyday.

My fellow journalists and I had a chance to sit down with the ladies at the MGM press junket in Lake Tahoe and they had a lot to say about working with the guys, how they feel about the 80s and the lengths they went to in order to land this gig.

Lizzy Caplan is quite hilarious, and when I ran into her on my floor, she even said had love for, which earns her some bonus points. Collette Wolfe was a bit more reserved, as this was her first press event, but the two of them opened up during the interview and we had a great time.

Was the movie as much fun to make as it looked onscreen?

Lizzy Caplan: Yes. Its a bunch of funny people in an abandoned ski lodge so its going to be a good time. You guys must have been pretty young in the decade of the 80s, do you remember a lot from it?

Colette Wolfe: I was 25! I just have amazing plastic surgery. LC: You look like Tara Reid!

CW: [Laughter] Oh thanks!

American Pie Tara Reid

LC: Yes, that is a compliment. Yeah uh, I remember breastfeeding. My mom may have had a perm during said breastfeeding.

Does that mean you have to do research for a movie like this?

LC: Yeah I went and Wikipedia-ed The 80s

CW: And then you were like Done! Got it!

LC: Like a TON of stuff happened in that decade!

CW: [Laughing] And its all right there in one paragraph! I did actually go online and look at some stuff, and I called my mom and asked her because I wanted to know what she thought about hairstyles and stuff, and she told me Christie Brinkley, thats who you want to look like! So I went online and found all these pictures online of Christie Brinkley circa 1985 with Billy Joel and brought it to the hair people and I was like, Make me look like her!

LC: Make me look like a woman whose husband doesnt pay attention to her because hes so high on cocaine!

What do you like or not like from the decade?

LC: A lot of the fashion is coming back and I like it, some of the stuff, not so much, fashion-wise. Music was great. Its a very expressive decade. I kind of wish I was of a certain age during it that would have been quite a time, but since I was just in diapers it was pretty much just toys andboredom.

So did they have to tell you some of the 80s references that were in the film?

LC: Yeah, I think I got most of them. But I had an older sister, so I watched a lot of movies that I was too young to be watching at the time. For film, its kind of an amazing decade, lots of boobs.

Did you guys get to do a lot of your own improv in the movie?

LC: Yeah, it was a very free and open set partly because Steve Pink likes that, and partly because the script was..

CW: a constant state of flux.

Was it hard to keep up with these guys at any point, such comic pros?

LC: Theyre not THAT funny. Ive meet FAR funnier people who are truly intimidating.

CW: [Laughing] Yeah, this was cake!

Was there one scene in particular you guys enjoyed shooting?

CW: I really had fun having sex with Rob Corddry.

LC: I had fun having sex with Rob Corddry too... Oh, in the MOVIE? [Laughter] There was one scene while we were lying down in the snow and it was freezing cold, but theres something cool about that. Its nice when its a little difficult physically, because then you dont feel like such a spoiled brat doing this for a living.

Were there scenes that you guys shot that didnt make the movie just for times sake?

CW: Yeah there were a lot of scenes that didnt make the movie, but I dont know, because I didnt ever get to see those scenes, that they would have necessarily made the movie better, just that my part would have been bigger.

LC: So it would have been better!

CW: [Laughing] Exactly! I dont know that it would have actually made it better, but it might have slowed it down.

LC: Thats a really good way to think about it, I just get mad.

CW: Yeah that first, then OK, whats the healthy way? Better for the movie, not just me

LC: Right, the movie. [Laughter]

Is this your type of comedy? The gross-out stuff?

CW: Yeah, barfing? Hilarious!

LC: A good stoner comedy is gold.

Did either of you audition with John [Cusack]?

LC: I first went in for Lyndsy Fonsecas character Jenny and then the April character wasnt even in it. Then I went back to meet with them, they were talking about [Collettes] role, then there was this other role. This whole audition process was pretty strange because they were kind of writing it as they went.

CW: And they didnt stop until a couple days ago.[Laughter]

How about you Collette, did you have to audition?

LC: [Laughing] Ohhh the audition story! Its a good one.

CW: Yeah, shes heard this.

Oh well now you have to tell us!

CW: Ok, ok! Well I went in to audition, and I knew there was a sex scene, because it was written in there. And so part of what made the sex scene funny, and not just sexual, was that she was humping and saying stuff while shes humping and shes talking to people. I felt like they wouldnt really know if it was funny unless they saw me humping, so I got on the floor and did the humping while I did the sceneand they didnt laugh.


Thank you Steve Pink. The room was dead silent, you could have heard a pin drop, and I was like, Oh my God, I just gave up my dignity, they didnt laugh and I didnt get the job. So I promptly left and started bawling. Then they had me come back and do it again and again, with no laughter, and I was like, This is crazy! and then I got the job that night and I was like Oh! Humping worked! OK good.

Whos the biggest jokester on set?

CW: Craig [Robinson], he makes up nicknames for everyone and sings songs spontaneously.

LC: Yeah he sang a lot in the lobby of the lodge we were at, there was a piano and he would sit at the piano and make up songs about everybody.

Whats next for you guys?

CW: I have a show on NBC coming out, its called 100 Questions, its a sitcom, it premieres May 27th after Community.

LC: My show Party Down, on Starz, is doing its second season. It starts the end of April, the 23rd. And Im doing a movie called 127 hours. Its the guy, that hiker, who had the boulder fall on his arm.

With Danny Boyle and James Franco?

LC: Yeah, that one.

And youre playingthe boulder?

LC: Yeah, exactly. I wish I played the boulder, that way Id be in the movie more.

Alright, thanks a lot guys!

Thank you!

And she even likes!



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5:17PM on 03/22/2010
loveee lizzy
loveee lizzy
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11:05AM on 03/22/2010
Lizzy Caplan is sexy.
Lizzy Caplan is sexy.
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10:46AM on 03/22/2010

Lizzy Caplan huh?

The first time I saw her was in Cloverfield. Real beauty.
The first time I saw her was in Cloverfield. Real beauty.
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10:03AM on 03/22/2010
Oh man Lizzy Caplan. You lucky bastard!
Oh man Lizzy Caplan. You lucky bastard!
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