INT: Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch is hilarious. I mean she is basically great in everything she does. I loved her in all the Apatow movies she's done. I really found her hilarious in SMILEY FACE. And I could name a whole bunch more but then I'd forget to write about ROLE MODELS. As the once cocaine addict Gayle Sweeny, she steals every scene she is in. It is a bizarre role and she doesn't fail to make you laugh at all. I loved her work alongside Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd.

So the bizarre thing is, when I went to interview her, she noticed my shirt. She either noticed it said "666" or "zombified", I can't remember which. That is when I brought up Satanism... and of course just how much fun it is. Not that I'm really a satanist, but I think we both thought it was a interesting way to start an interview. Although I think somebody in the room thought I was serious as I left and she mentioned to Jane that she couldn't believe she was interviewed by a satanist. It is still funny to me. But not as funny as this wonderfully talented actress. And yes, you can find out just how funny when ROLE MODELS opens at a theatre near you this coming Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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