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Interview: Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds!

Aug. 5, 2011by:

If you could be Jason Bateman or Ryan Reynolds for the day, which one would you choose? In the duos latest R-rated comedy THE CHANGE-UP, the two actors do a Freaky Friday after pissing in a fountain this is why guys wont take a piss together, its just wrong. Bateman plays the married family man and Reynolds takes on the role of an actor stud who frequently rents himself out to women. Not surprisingly, both Jason and Ryan are friends who didnt find it to difficult to live in each others shoes.

Not only are Bateman and Reynolds friends, they also happen to be fans of Before the interview they even shared some kind words about the site. Once the interview began however, the conversation took a very lighthearted turn that even led to a Dyan Cannon reference. If you dont know who Dyan Cannon is, you are missing out, after the interview you should look her up. So yeah, these two guys made for a very entertaining chat.

THE CHANGE-UP opens this Friday at a theatre near you.



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Latest Movie News Headlines

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