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Last year, Jennifer Aniston became the Worldís Most Famous Jilted Woman when husband Brad Pitt allegedly dumped her for the globetrotting actress/minx/Queen of Namibia Angelina Jolie. It all allegedly went down while Aniston was filming a romantic comedy called THE BREAK-UP (hooray for irony!), and she allegedly ended up in the arms of co-star Vince Vaughn. And now Brad and Angelina are off forming their own United Nations. Or something like that. Frankly, I couldnít allegedly care less.

Jennifer recently stopped by the Shutters resort in Santa Monica for a press conference to promote THE BREAK-UP, which opens this week. Allegedly.

Jennifer Aniston

Did you see your character as the good guy?

No, I think what is so well done and about how they wrote it is that no one is really the bad guy. They are both flawed. They both haveÖthey both sort of fall short and thatís the problem. They fail to finally communicate which would have evolved which would have probably solved the problem in the first placeÖLetís face it, she was the good guy. (But) She was playing games. I guess from the beginning in the 12 lemons scene, sheís definitely the good guy.

How much female insight did you give on the script?

There was definitely a lot of male energy in the script. And that was sort of said that when I came in, that we would flesh out the female voice a bit more.

Did they ask you to?

Yeah, but in way like, ďWeíre dudes, I donít quite know how the female side would respond.Ē [Laughs] And they were very made it so much fun truthfully. Because itís universal, everybody can relate to these. Itís fun so you go back to all relationships in your life and funny moments and things that you can apply to it. For Jeremy, the twelve lemons argument actually happened to him. And Iím sure itís happened for everybody. you know, so all those things you can kind of figure out a way to end with well.

You proved how funny you can be in TV. How hard has it been to find movies that allow you to be this funny?

Really hard. Really hard. Yeah, there is just not a lot out there. Yeah, itís hard, because those men are such one man shows most of the time, you know? That they donít like toÖthey just donít come along very often. The equal male/female funny.

Did the script tell you it would be more of an even match this time?

Oh yeah, I knew. You see that itís a story about two people. It was obvious, I was thankful. It was exciting.

In the movie you deal with Vinceís charactersí pick up line. Whatís the worst one youíve ever been approached with?

Those have never been cute. [Laughs] God, you know. I just have the worst memory when it comes to that. One guy once asked me, he came up to me and he said he liked my salad and I didnít know what that meant. And I said, ďWhat do you mean my salad?Ē And he goes, ďYou know, youíre salad. Your hair, your make up, I like your salad.Ē And I went ďOh, god. That was clever.Ē

What was it like working with Vince and how much of it was improv?

When I say improvisation that was more during the rehearsal time when we were trying to nail down specifics for Brooks kind of voice and stuff. So, I couldnít say which scene specifically they were in. Working with Vince is just like working with a pro tennis player. Heís such a professional. Heís so good at his job. Heís so funny and heís such a great actor, I mean aside from being comedic. For me, it was just -- you get those moments pretty rarely. You get to have those volleys like I like to say.

Did you have that instant rapport with him?

Yeah, you can kind of tell pretty quickly when you work with someone that this is going to be or this is going to be a tough one. He asks questions. Heís interested in other people. Itís not just about him.

Could you see the irony of starring in The Break-Up and having one at the same time?

The irony of it? Well, yeah, itís pretty ironic. (Laughs). No. You know, at the time it was something I thought about. You know, you kind of canít believe when I first got the call that a movie called The Break-Up is coming. I sort of laughed and thought, ďThatís funny.Ē And then sure enough, it was. I kind of found it like a sign or something to do it. Because, it was, in a way, a cathartic thing. I felt very lucky in a way that it came to me. If this had come to me at any other time in my life I donít know if I would have been able to get it for myself on that level as I would have wanted to as an actor.

The arguments felt so real. How exhausting was that?

No, we had a ball. I think we really had such a really strict rehearsal schedule where we were in there for two weeks straight. We really nailed down every scene. We walked through it, we improvíd. I mean some scenes didnít get touched. The twelve lemons really didnít because that was just kind of perfectly written. And itís more fun than anything, because it is so relatable and everybody is sitting there going, ďOh my god, it always is about twelve lemons,Ē those are the fights that people have. Or the silly arguments. So, it was kind of fun in the irony of it all. It was good.

Is Chicago your kind of town?

Yes. It really was. I just had a ball there. There is just something about the people. They are kind, they are respectful. It is just a feeling. It is just a feeling, an energy when you walk through the streets of Chicago, you just feel great. And as far as the food the architecture, the theater the museums, you just have so much. So, yeah. I just absolutely love it.

What was Wrigley field like?

It was a crowd rush, it was 1,000 degrees we were in sweaters. It was fun just being in Wrigley field having heard so much about it and seeing old photographs of it and when you look across the street to the tops of the brownstones and you see all the bleachers. I guess they didnít used to charge people and they used to just have people stand on top of the brownstones and then somebody got hip to it, and they said, ďWell, letís build some bleachersĒ and they started charging admission. Yeah, so itís great.

What kind of girl are you in reality? Do you do the dishes?

Oh yeah, I am a little crazy about doing dishes. I definitely like a clean kitchen before going to bed, so that is true. But doesnít everybody?

Your character enjoys apple martinis. What kind of drinks do you like?

I am a creature of habit. If I do have a cocktail it will probably be a martini. No, just straight and dirty.

Do you think women as a rule do too much in relationships?

Do we do too much? Yeah, because I think itís sort of instinctual to be the kind of caretaker in that way in the home and the house. So, itís only your own fault I think in a way that you train somebody that thatís how it is. You canít blame somebody for not knowing what the job should be if you donít ask for it right off the bat.

How do you think couples can learn the art of compromise?

Compromise sounds like such a compromising -- collaboration I would think would be a better way. What would be the art of collaborating? I think just talking. Saying what you need, saying what you want. So itís not a threat to their person, but that youíre simply saying, ďthis matters to me.Ē I think people expect people to read minds and if your mind doesnít get read you get pissed off about it and than the other person thinks ďWell, Iím not gonna read your mind if youíre gonna get pissed off about it.Ē Itís all just silly human games, nature.

Spoiler ahead!!!

It ends on a very upbeat note without them staying together. Is closure important?

Well I would think so. Iíd think that for any relationship, romantic, friendship, anything. There should always be a sense of closure and clarity as to why it happened so you can sort of move cleanly into your next phase.

End of spoilers!!!

Do you watch dailies?

Sometimes. I donít like to. I donít want to get too in my head. I donít like to watch playback truthfully, unless itís something specific that I want to see. Itís kind of if Iím hitting a tone right or not.

Was your nude scene in the original script?

Uh uh, no, I wrote that in. [Laughs] Itís part of the improv. Iím teasing. Luckily, I had been hitting the gym before that already. You donít panic that you have to be naked about your physical shape, you just panic that you have to be naked, period.

Did they offer you a double?

Well, he did. I should have thought about that. Poor girl was taken advantage of. I just sort of thought -- the problem with it is because it was shot it was so specifically me, they wanted to make it a tricky camera so you saw from the face and go to the back so it was hard to kind of. You donít want to do a butt double. Thatís icky.

Did you watch those dailies?

Those I watched. Trust me. [Laughs]

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