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Two things will be noticeably different about the following interview with Jenny McCarthy. First, it won't be in the usual Q&A style. There were all kinds of technical issues during the phoner that precluded it being recorded so I'm just working off notes I took and quotes I wrote down. Second, it's probably the only time you'll ever read the quote "cum on my tits" in an interview here on JoBlo.com. Just a guess on that last one though but for some reason that doesn't come up when I'm rapping with Gwyneth Paltrow or Charlize Theron. But that's precisely what you get when you interview Jenny McCarthy...

McCarthy is out and about promoting her latest feature DIRTY LOVE, a comedy she starred in and perhaps most surprisingly wrote herself. The inspiration for writing her own film came from her inability to find projects that spoke to her particular brand of humor. Specifically, she said, she wanted a film that "pushed the envelope of good taste" and was a sex comedy that girls could enjoy. After all, McCarthy asks, "why should guys have all the fun?"

The film follows a woman who comes home to find her model boyfriend sleeping with another woman. In an attempt at revenge she embarks on a series of misadventures that usually tend to backfire. Of course, in between is Jenny's trademark sense of humor that borders on the gross out side. This includes a scene in a supermarket where, while shopping for tampons, she begins, um, leaking all over the floor. Is there anything she considers off-limits? "Not really," says McCarthy not even stopping to think about it. "As long as it's fresh and funny and it hasn't been done before."

But is the real Jenny anything like Jenny persona we see in the media? I remind her that on-air Howard Stern is nothing like off-air Howard Stern and while she agrees with that assessment she thinks she's pretty much the same person we all know. While she does double as a mom lately to her 3-year-old son Evan, she says she still has plenty of moments that her mother will have to shout, "Jenny!," as if she's once again taken it too far.

If it's at all possible for a woman that admits to a reporter she gets "wet" while thinking about Brad Pitt to be surprisingly blunt, McCarthy is exactly that while talking about her true drive. "It's all about the money, man!" While she adds she does look to make quality material, she's quick to remind that she has her son to look out for and that if you see her "hosting some stupid thing somewhere, it's usually because it pays really well and allows me to be close to home."

DIRTY LOVE, which opens in a limited theatrical release on Friday, will give Jenny that chance to make some extra bucks. As for her UPN sitcom "The Bad Girl's Guide," McCarthy confides it's over after one season. "It was crap," she says, adding the network bought a show they wanted to be edgy and raunchy and then trimmed all the edge and raunch right out. I suggest taking her act to HBO or Comedy Central, which might provide her some leeway in that respect but she brushes that off responding without a beat, "they pay like shit."

DIRTY LOVE hits theaters in the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas this Friday. For exact locations and more on the film, visit the OFFICIAL SITE at www.dirtylovefilm.com.

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