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INT: Joaquin Phoenix


When I first saw GLADIATOR with Russell Crowe, I always felt that the Oscar should have gone to Joaquin Phoenix. He was exceptional and I felt his performance was stronger than the other guy. I also think that he took on the role of Johnny Cash beautifully in WALK THE LINE. He has a very unique presence and he truly delivered in both of those films. And now, he lights up the screen with the lovely Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg (also lovely) in the new film WE OWN THE NIGHT. He plays the outcast brother in a family of police officers who gets mixed up way over his head.

I was a little nervous about talking to Mr. Phoenix, just because I am a fan and I wasn’t sure what he would be like in person. So when he stopped by the Four Seasons in Hollywood, I came in and actually really enjoyed listening to him talk acting and preparation. He seemed a little shaky with a little nervous energy and probably getting tired of interview after interview, but he was very nice and greeted me the second I walked in. If you are a fan of the other film he did with director James Gray and Mark Wahlberg, THE YARDS, you will probably love this flick too. So check out WE OWN THE NIGHT, opening on October 12th.

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