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Interview: John Carter Star Lynn Collins!


Lynn Collins is a chameleon of an actress. In JOHN CARTER she carries an accent in addition to sporting contacts, dark hair and a very tanned skin tone as Dejah Thoris, princess of Helium. It's surprising, especially after revisiting her performances in movies like THE MERCHANT OF VENICE and William Friedkin's BUG, of which I'm a HUGE fan of and had to bring up in our conversation.

I have to hand it to Lynn for bringing out a believable ass kicking leader with Dejah in addition to a the vulnerable “damsel in distress princess” archetype the character paved way for in roles like Leia in STAR WARS. Carrie Fischer would be proud. Honestly, I'm even more impressed with her performance after the sit down, where she came off as a down to earth Texas gal. I think you'd agree when you check out JOHN CARTER this week!

"I was overcome with the most white-hot fear you could imagine!"

Source: JoBlo.com



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