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I hope this lucky streak of interviewing hotties doesn’t come to an end because I am loving it! Hartnett is not only unmistakably sexy (even with a fake broken nose) but also charming in a mysterious and mischievous way. He is confident yet seems super cool. The type of guy I would love to hang out with and at the same time get into trouble with….hee hee. To top it all off he’s also a very gifted actor playing in a variety of films including THE FACULTY, THE VIRGIN SUICIDES, PEARL HARBOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN and most recently, SIN CITY.

In his upcoming film LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, Hartnett puts on a great performance as a random guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. It turns out to be an unfortunate case of mistaken identity where Slevin, Hartnett’s character, ends up in the center of a war between 2 great crime bosses. It’s a thriller with an interesting plot, many twists, unexpected turns and a surprise ending. Check out what he had to say about the film.

Josh Hartnett

Did you actually break your nose for the role or had it broken before?

It did look incredibly real. It even looked real in person which was amazing. The make-up artist did a great job. It was made of silicon so it looked like skin.

Did it bother you at all or help you with the part?

I loved it. I thought it was cool. I thought it looked good. I kind of wanted a broken nose after that.

What was the challenge of playing a role where you spend your first 30 minutes on screen in a towel?

The challenge was not to get freaked out and go start working out and try and get all buff. I was doing another movie right afterward and I played a boxer so I had to be in the gym for 4 or 5 hours a day boxing. When I made Slevin I made a conscious choice not to be self consciously ripped because I thought it would be distracting. I wanted him to be kind of shlubby. I wanted him to be soft and unintrusive. He played himself out so well that he was going to make sure they didn’t think he was a threat so he was free to walk in between them and everywhere so we made a real effort to make him just kind of seem like he was absolutely not threat to anybody.

Were you intimidated or worried at all acting with such a fantastic cast?

No. I was definitely intimidated but I wasn’t worried. I didn’t want to become the BLACK HAWK center of the film. I wanted to hold up my end and that scared me I guess. When it got to the actual days of work, Morgan and Sir Ben are the nicest and giving people you could ever work with. They were the easiest people I ever worked with. They don’t have anything to prove to you or anybody else on the set as far as their abilities go. It just makes for a lot less drama.

Sir Ben Kingsley described your character as a hunter. Can you explain what Lucky Number Slevin means and what you see as the guy you are playing?

Sir Ben always has a better way of putting things. I wish I could. He’s better educated. The title of the movie is a play on lucky number seven. Lucky Number Slevin is the horse’s name but Slevin doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s just a name. I’m sure you can up with a symbolic meaning that is total bullshit. It’s just an odd name to capture your attention.

Can you talk a little about the dialogue and the rapid fire exchanges in the film?

I thought it was great. It actually takes a lot of the onus off of the actors. As a young actor who wasn’t trained all that much I spend a lot of time kind of thinking about it and working on it. It comes from the school of acting that everything’s got to be from the inside out. It comes out a little bit easier when you’re focused on a dialogue, when you’re focused on what you’re saying. In real life we are always focused on what we are saying. We’re not actually focused on what we are feeling and if you’re what Sir Ben calls a conduit, if you’re an emotional, apathetic human being, all of those things that actors should be and all of those emotions will run through no matter what. So you’ll just be saying your words and when you’re working with such a great guy, and you’re concentrating on that and then that stuff will come through.

Are you similar to your character in any way?

I can be deceptive, yeah. He’s an actor and I relate to him that way.

Did you enjoy playing a man who has to kill?

There’s something powerful about holding a gun but I don’t like it. I’ve held a few guns in my day but I don’t particularly like that it’s so easy. I’ve was in a situation recently where I was afraid for myself because this guy was losing his mind a little but he had his hand in his pocket and I just thought for a sec "What if he had a gun in his pocket?" He was like 10 feet away and yelling at me. What could I do? It’s too easy to kill people with a gun. It’s too detached. I don’t think people see the consequences of it so I don’t like them and I wish they weren’t around. I think that people should not be walking around with them. I wish there were no handguns.

How is the growing issue of piracy affecting you? What does it make you feel?

I think it’s too bad but there’s music piracy and if people want to continue getting entertainment and want Hollywood to exist then they should, just like they choose to buy music these days. There’s laws on the Internet right now and it’s much more difficult to steal as much music as you could in the past but people are going to do what they want to do. Hopefully I’ll keep making films for a long time but if this gets too prevalent we won’t be able too. If there’s no turn of profit then you won’t get any movies.

You’ve always been a private person, but at the same time, you’re a high profile celebrity. How do you deal with that? We just heard this morning that you and Scarlett [Johansson] had broken up.

Really? There’s rumors everyday. I don’t know what’s true and what’s not and I don’t talk about my private life for this exact reason. There’s always a rumor and most of the time there’s not true.

Are you used to hearing them?

I’m kind of used to hearing them. I read things about myself all the time that aren’t true. I sometimes do read it and pick it up if I find it to be in depth or interesting. If I know it will be fluffy and more about rumors than I won’t read it because then it will then make me go "Why was I there?" So I try not read too much of it just because it does have a minimal affect.

How about living your life? Do you have a disguise so you can go out and do things? Or do you feel your life has been repressed?

It has been. I spent about 2 years back home in Minneapolis not wanting to leave my house, which is the worst. You have to navigate a lot of things. The world is set at your feet in a way so you can do whatever you want but you’re going to be misfairly judged. So there’s a tight rope to walk in. I wouldn’t say that sitting at home and throwing away your entire public life is the best way of doing it, but I was young and didn’t want to let people in. I thought it was my life and I thought it was a fair thing to assume that people would just give me my space.

Obviously when you can’t win on one side you just kind of stand up for yourself. When people were around, it just bothered me. Here’s the thing, I don’t care whether they print something about me. I’m just going to say this is too much. If you’re going to be in my face all day then there’s going to be a problem. It’s just a horrible problem to be stalked no matter what. If there’s a guy with a camera taking every moment of your life, with the ability to put that moment in a magazine then just that idea makes you so self conscious and aware. It freaks you out. I think that more people should stand up for themselves. I wish there was some legislation. They’re everywhere now.

Do you live in New York or L.A.?

I live in New York. I moved out here when I was 17 to go to school so I was always back and forth, but I bought my place here two and half years ago. I’m 27 now.

Has it been a fun or rough ride?

It’s been a fun ride and I’ve learned a lot. I’m going to continue hopefully making interesting movies and living my life I see is best for me and I hope it’s a fair way of going about it. I have a lot of life left.

Now that you are a little bit older, do you see yourself taking on any fatherly roles?

The guy I’m playing in RESURRECTING A CHAMP has a 5-year-old kid. It’s a movie themed on fathers and sons. We’re about to start filming that in June. It’s an amazing script.

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