INT: Josh Peck

Any actor who can hold his own with such great ease while starring alongside a brilliant talent like Sir Ben Kingsley, has an aptitude to succeed in Hollywood. Since his days on Nickelodeon’s "Drake and Josh," Josh Peck has starred in MEAN CREEK, HAVOC and voiced Eddie in the ICE AGE films. The rising star takes the lead as a conflicted NYC teen, coming of age in the mid 90’s in the upcoming bittersweet comedy, THE WACKNESS.

Peck embodies the role of anxious teenager Luke, who is faced with typical adolescent issues such as identity crisis, family problems and getting laid. He find solace in his hip-hop music and deals pot as a means to fit in. However, unlike the usual geeks who normally personify these characters, Peck is much better looking, charismatic and full of hope. He was nothing short of sweet and charming when I recently chatted with him about his latest film, THE WACKNESS. Make sure to check out the film and see what Peck had to say about his own recollection of the 90’s, relating to his character, his semi-nude scene, working with Kingsley and Levine.

Source: JoBlo.com



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