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I clearly remember gasping at the very first sight of Jude Law in 1999’s THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. The handsome golden boy simultaneously exuded a powerful, magnetic on-screen presence while exhibiting a jaw-dropping performance, which drew critical acclaim and left me cheering for more Law. Following his initial break out role with 1997’s WILDE, the highly sought-after, talented hottie continued wowing audiences with starring roles in COLD MOUNTAIN, CLOSER, SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW and ALFIE. Although he remade the 1966 version of Alfie originally played by Michael Caine, in his upcoming thriller SLEUTH, Law co-stars with Caine while stepping into a modern version of Milo Tindle also once embodied by legend.

Based on Anthony Shaffer’s play, which inspired the original 1972 film, the ‘new’ SLEUTH is directed by Kenneth Branagh from a script by Harold Pinter. Although in both versions, the story line consists of two men, who in fighting over a woman become engrossed in a deadly mind battle of egos, the new script is edgier, darker, wittier and unpredictable. Blown away by another outstanding Law performance, I was thrilled to chat with the captivating Brit. He surpassed all my expectations with his charisma, good looks and engaging personality. With a newfound admiration for the star, I now declare myself as a devout fan. Check out what he had to say about making a new SLEUTH and check out the film.

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