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Kelly Preston isnít just a MILF; sheís a Super-MILF. At least thatís what she plays in SKY HIGH. As Josie Jetstream, wife of Captain Stronghold (Kurt Russell) and mother of Will (Michael Angarano), she has to balance the equally difficult tasks of saving the world and raising an adolescent boy. Oh, and she still looks smoking hot, too.

Kelly, who draws her real-life powers from her devotion to Scientology (her husband, John Travolta is one of the churchís most prominent members), stopped by the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last week for a press conference to promote Sky High. Here are some excerpts (minus the Scientology stuff):

Kelly Preston

In Sky High, you play a superhero mom. Do you have any special ďpowersĒ as a real-life mom?

Planning. Lists. I am the queen of the list. I love having lists and then I can be spontaneous, because if I havenít forgotten stuff then I am able to then go, ďLetís go off here and do thisĒ and create off of that. Prioritizing, thatís always a huge one because a lot of times you have so many things that you want to do and youíve got to sometimes choose.

What was it like performing your flying stunts? Were the wires uncomfortable?

The groups of men and women who built our harnesses did the Cirque de Soleil harnesses so they were so refined and so perfectly fit to your body. Then Scott Rogers who was the stunt coordinator had the rigging, and they knew exactly where to pick you. I did a film years ago called Space Camp where we did weightlessness, and you had to act like this. Weíve come so far since those days, and that was really uncomfortable. That was years ago. Now itís not that bad. Itís fun.

Were there more action scenes that didnít make it into the film?

There was a flashback that was shot of how we met. They ended up putting in a bit of a flashback within a flashback but it was very brief. Itís a much longer scene. And I get to do the crash through the window and flying. You know, all those fun, cool flying stunts. There was another little teeny scene, another flashback again, as a realtor 20 years ago getting the call and zooming up in the air, and my stunt woman did this and she went from zero to sixty and a hundred feet high, like that.

What was it like working with the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter?

I grew up with Wonder Woman, and the fact that she did the film was just so much fun. And I talked to her about being Wonder Woman. But you got to remember, she had a very simple costume Ė very tight. Definitely very tight.But we didnít talk about those aspects. I thought that was very cool to have Lynda Carter play the principal, because itís tongue in cheek. Itís fun. We played with things and didnít take it too seriously. So, it was a kick.

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4:12AM on 07/29/2005
Dude, she is the HOTTEST MILF on the planet. Damn, I would give anything for one night with her.
Dude, she is the HOTTEST MILF on the planet. Damn, I would give anything for one night with her.
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