INT: Kim Cattrall

Samantha Jones is the epitome of a beautiful, independent, assertive, liberated twenty-first century woman. Kim Cattrall embodies the character with such perfection that it’s almost impossible to imagine her as anyone else. However, before transforming into what ultimately became her career-defining role, Cattrall appeared in popular 80’s flicks such as PORKY’S, POLICE ACADEMY and MANNEQUIN. Making a comeback as the sexy Samantha, Cattrall reunites with the SEX AND THE CITY gang to bring us more love, sex, laughter, tears, fashion, cocktails, and sheer entertainment on the big screen.

After a long four years, I was excited to finally see my favorite NYC girlfriends get back in action in a full length feature film rather than a half hour tease. Looking every so fabulous at fifty, Cattrall delivered some of the funniest lines while making an earnest attempt to remain faithful to her gorgeous onscreen boyfriend Smith (Jason Lewis). I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet the stunning actress who bravely pushed the limits and redefined sexy for women over forty! See what soft-spoken sex symbol had to say about her character, the show and overcoming obstacles to make the SATC film.

Source: JoBlo.com



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