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INT: Labeouf/Fox


So, there’s this guy who has done a couple of movies this year. And he’s in this movie about Robots in Disguise. Yes folks, Shia LaBeouf is everywhere lately. He helped make DISTURBIA a surprise sleeper hit and lent his voice to a surfing (not dancing) penguin in SURF’S UP. And if you haven’t heard that he will be in the next INDIANA JONES, where have you been? But soon, you can see him along with the lovely Megan Fox in TRANSFORMERS.

Both of these actors give heart to a genre flick which normally, the “romance” feels like a sappy mess, but here, they are both very charismatic and likable giving the story its human element. And although Megan has appeared mostly in television, including "Hope & Faith", she makes a beautiful transition on the big screen. It is always a pleasure to talk to Shia, but I was really surprised  by how funny he can be, he was easy to talk to and seems to be dealing with his recent success much better than most. And Megan… well just look at her, she was sexy as hell… and she can act too.

NOTE: The volume on this video is really low, so you have to turn your speakers really loud for this one. Sorry folks...

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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