INT: Lee-Hom Wang

In Ang Lee’s new film, LUST, CAUTION, Lee-Hom Wang plays a young actor who becomes a political activist. It is a film filled with intrigue, the onslaught of war and it’s consequences and some extreme sexual acts. Yet, Lee-Hom is the guy who doesn’t necessarily get the girl and he is terrific in his portrayal of an idealistic young man who finds himself deeper in the game of espionage than he thought.

When I got to chat with him at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, I found him to be a very intelligent and very kind man. Not only is he showing off his acting chops in LUST, CAUTION, he is also a skilled and successful musician and he seems to find the art in both. I’m sure we will be seeing more of him. He is a very talented individual and one of the many strong performances in LUST, CAUTION which is playing at a theatre… maybe near you, but this one you may have to search out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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