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Cute as a button and all smiles, Linda came in the room without an ounce of pretense and had us all captivated (well, me anyways...I couldnít take my eyes off her or her orange sweater). She came across as genuine and not yet jaded by this whole press game.


So whatís different for you in this movie as opposed to the first one?

There are a few things that are different for Velma. In this movie, Iím more secure with my friendship with Mystery Inc because in the last movie she didnít know where she fit in the group and now sheís secure. Sheís secure with almost everything in her life, sheís smart about everything, she has great intuition, but the one thing that sheís really off base about are her relationships with the opposite sex and so that becomes Velmaís arc throughout SCOOBY 2: her relationship with Patrick, a character played by Seth Green whoís a curator at the Coolville museum. She sort of goes gaga whenever sheís around him.

How did you like working with Seth Green? I heard good things about him.

Yes, I had heard so many good things about him too and I was like, "This canít all possibly be true", but it is. He's really such a nice guy, so easy to work with and we played Scrabble a lot during our off time.

It must be easier for you to tackle the character this second time around. Iím sure youíre feeling more secure about the role.

Yes, I agree with that. I think that with the first movie, there was a lot of unknowns and I was such a huge Scooby fan and a big part of the equation was what Scooby Doo was going to look like.I was nervous and excited and we weíre working with him, but didnít know how he would turn out to be and now we know what heís like and how he relates to the movie. We also know what kind of movie we're making and what kind of audience we are doing it for. And for me, it was very important to stay true to the cartoon and with my voice, I feel more disciplined with it now; itís easier...almost like second nature. Thereís a lot things that are a little easier and a lot of things that are more challenging where you have to go beyond introducing them into a live action world. Now you have to become the character beyond the cartoon and the introduction.

Your collar has changed.

Yes, my collar has drooped some and itís now more of a cowl than ever. Itís a different material and the skirt has one pleat instead of two which most people wonít be able to notice, but I can tell you that. My shoes are also a tad different and this time around, it is not my real hair-- itís somebodyís real hair, but not mine.

You have your glasses in this sequel?

Yes, I do. Same glasses.

You didnít bring them?

No, I have way better eyesight than Velma.

In the first movie, you shot a bunch of stuff that was supposed to be a "wink-wink" to fans, including a scene of you without your shirt on or something.

Yeah, me in a bra, on top of a piano singing intoxicated.

This time youíre not doing any of that at all?

Well, thereís always things that will be shed during the editing process and thatís the nature of making a movie, I guess. We werenít sure exactly what the audience was with the first one, but we found our audience now in the younger crowd and those kinds of things are not necessary for them.

How was it for you to see all of the old monsters from the cartoon come back in this movie?

Oh, it was great for me. Iím a super fan of the cartoon and for me to see Captain Cutlerís ghost or walking in the Criminology Museum to see all the different ghosts on pedestals was great! They actually researched all of their history from the cartoons and it's hilarious. There are so many details, like where ďChickensteinísĒ feet came from, the origin of that story and how he came about scaring off the town. I just think itís really fun as a fan of the cartoon to see those monsters come back and I think part of the fun of Scooby-Doo is the nostalgia and for me, itís the nostalgia of watching Scooby during my childhood.

How different are both shoots? Wasnít the first film a longer shoot?

Yes, it was two months longer and we were much further away in Australia-- which was beautiful, but I felt like I didnít plan for the time changes and how much it would take to go back and forth. Vancouver is much closer to home and I still feel in touch with the real world. This shoot is much quicker. I wasnít sure if it would be more fun, but itís been more fun for me and a lot easier.

How was having worked with these actors before affect what you did this time around?

Last time, I was the only person of the four of us that was a newcomer, but this time around, I knew everybody so it was nice. I donít feel as much as the new kid at school, the one in the lunchroom trying to figure out whom to sit by. But itís great, itís good for the story. I think in the first movie, Velma was the odd man out, but in this movie we are very much a team although Shaggy and Scooby go through their own thing together. It's nice to get to hang out with the people you worked with a couple of years ago and play the same part. Fun.

How hard was it acting with a CGI dog?

Matt (Matthew Lillard) could answer that one better than me. Heís amazing at it. For me, itís hard...itís a talent definitely. You have Neal (the man that does the Scooby voice) off on the side doing such a great job as Scooby that you want to look right through him and speak to him, but you have to keep your eyes on the green mark. It's a little confusing, but it's possible...I learned that it's possible.

You have a Scooby head on a stick to work with?

Yes, thereís a dog head on a stick, thereís a couple of metallic poles on a stick, thereís all kind of things on a stick, but when we actually shoot...thereís nothing but thin air.

What's been your favorite scene so far and the hardest?

My favorite day of work was the time we all get together at the ďSogosĒ, which is a club we all go to hang out and we have a dance sequence which will be shown towards the end of the film. That was my favorite day of work-- it was like a free-for-all and it was just after Velma talked about how she was just going to be herself. Seth and I had a field day dancing together all day and all night. I was exhausted and sore the next day, but it was well worth it.

The hardest scene we shot is the scene that weíre doing today where Daphne and I fight the Black Night Ghost and I have to say dialogue of things that has to mathematically and logically make sense-- mumbling all this mumbo jumbo as sheís fighting with a sword. Itís very technical and at the same time, tons of work. It was hard. Itís been like 4 days on the same scene, a lot of hours.

Does Velma kick some butt in this sequel?

Velma is not the butt-kicker, sheís more the logic-seeker, but she does get a few kicks in here and there.

Do you save Daphne?

I do save Daphne in one moment, but I use my logic and then my brute force, which is minimal.

Do people recognize you on the street now?

People recognize me, but they donít know from where and theyíll say, ďOh my God, it's you...I know youĒ. But this look doesnít necessarily look how I look when I walk down the street. Eventually people figure it out and say, ďOh wow, you look a lot betterĒ.

How has Velma changed from the first to this sequel?

Velma is a little bit more mature. Sheís loosened up a bit. She was very straight laced, now sheís more of her own woman.

Would you do a Scooby Doo: Part 3?

I hadnít really thought about it. If there is one, Iím sure theyíll be a good reason for it to happen. If I can't have fun playing this character, then Iím in a lot of trouble. It was my favorite cartoon growing up and I get to go out there and play something thatís so far from who I am, even kind of what I look's fun for me.

Any other projects in the works?

There are a few things that Iím really excited about. The TV show that I was on, ďFreaks and GeeksĒ, is going to be released on DVD and Iím pretty excited about that.

Did you do the commentary?

Yeah, Iím going to. There are a few things in the works and Iíll let you guys know when they happen.


Part 1: Scooby- Doo 2 Sets
Part 2: Matthew Lillard
Part 3: Linda Cardellini
Part 4: Raja Gosnell
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