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INT: Lindsay Lohan

Jun. 22, 2005by: JoBlo

Lindsay Lohan has made quite a name for herself in the few years that shes been acting. From the bright eyed child actor in THE PARENT TRAP to the young woman in MEAN GIRLS, Lindsays had to grow up in the public eye. Now on the verge on turning 19 and becoming a major star, she returns to the family formula that made her famous in HERBIE: FULLY LOADED.

But this could be the last time we see Lohan in a family film, as her career is beginning to take off. Next, shes set to join Hollywood heavyweights Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin and Kevin Kline in Robert Altmans adaptation of A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION. Lohan sat down with us to talk about the future of her career, and why she decided to get behind the wheel of HERBIE: FULLY LOADED. Ill say this for Lindsay, I dont know if I came off this well composed and driven when I was 18. When I was her age, all I could think about was trying to get a girlfriend or wondering what was going to happen to me when I got to college. I wonder how she does it?

Lindsay Lohan: Youll have to excuse me. Im losing my voice a bit. I was screaming at the MTV Music Awards last night.


How many Disney movies does this make it for you now?

Um, this is my third? Yeah.


You know, I feel very safe doing a Disney movie. Theyve been really good to me and I really felt like the character in this movie has a good message, and its very empowering for women because its a male-dominated sport, NASCAR. And especially now with Danica Patrick, coming out its perfect timing.

Any parallels with you being a woman in a male dominated industry?

Not in terms of that really, I dont see any issues there, no, but I see some parallels in my character in the sense of she is growing into womanhood, kinda going on to her own. Shes discovering what she wants to do in life and kinda following through with that.

Tell us about your NASCAR training.

Um, yeah it was fun. I took lessons. Kinda scary. Im a more conscious driver now. I try.

How was it working with Herbie?

Um, I dont know. When I did Parent Trap I had to act with not getting anything in response when I played both characters, so it was kinda similar to that in that sense.

Can you talk about your bond with Herbie?

I feel like the way the movie came across, which was why I was really happy with itit didnt come across as cheesy and it really gave one a bond with the car. Everybody kinda cheered for the car so youre cheering it on, you root for Herbie.

Did you learn how to drive a stick?

Yeah, that scared me too. But I was good. I picked (it) up pretty fast.

Youve taken on a lot of different role. Do you ever think of taking on sci-fi fantasy, like WONDER WOMAN type role or anything like that?

WONDER WOMAN would be pretty cool. I actually met with someone on that. But, um, yeah, I mean, I would never cancel anything out. I need other places to go, so, Im looking for other things right now that are different than anything that Ive already done, just to show my abilities, so that I can have some sort of a stretch, cause most of the things that Ive done are so similar to me, theyre still younger girls, and theyre very light-hearted.

What sort of things are you looking for?

I think everyone looks for that, that role where its a stretch, where you can kind of be a bit edgier and kind of push the envelope a bit.

Is that why youre working with Robert Altman next?

Yeah, but, its not like thats a horror, or, I mean, its a drama and its an amazing cast. Thats why Im proud to be a part of it. Just to not have to work every single day on the set (laughs). So, thats exciting, its Meryl Streep and Lilly Tomlin and Kevin Klineits gonna be like an acting class for me, just being there, which will be nice.

Can you tell us about working with Jeff Gordon? Hes been described as the Michael Jordan of NASCAR.

I didnt realize that until I was there. And when we were there, they were like, they have 250,000 fans when we shot there at the race which was just incredible. And they are all really nice guys it was very brief and they were acting and they were like we dont act, what are we supposed to do? and Im like I dont race. But Im saying I do! Because they announced me as a driver at the race.

They announced your name or your characters name?

Well my character but Im sure people were like, Lindsay Lohans racing?

Can you talk about your characters relationship with her friend Kevin, the love interest?

Um, I think he was kinda there for her when she was going through a hard time. She wanted to be a race car driver and her father wasnt being very supportive and he was kinda the one that pushed her. Um, and she shot him down in the beginning and then she lied to everyone and didnt tell them what she was doing but hes, his character is very sweet, funny, and charming and they have a history of being friends, so I think there are a lot of elements there that led to her liking him. It was like, it was, its a Disney romance, so (laughs)

Can you talk about your singing career a little?

Um, well, I have a single for this movie. And I just did the video actually recently, so that was fun to do, and Herbies in it. (laughs) Yeah, its cool, we have a lot of race cars racing in the video.

Do you want to focus on acting or singing?

Um, acting is mainly what I focus on. But, at the same time, I love singing as well. Ill probably be starting another album, eventually. But I want it to bemy first album was rushed and I recorded practically every song in my trailer on the set of HERBIE. So, thats why I got sick at the time. I was running myself down. I was literally running from set in between setups and singing. Verses and then we were writing, everything. I was working so much. I would go home and record in my bedroom too.

Why not take a break for a while?

Well, I cant now! I have a movie coming out! (laughs) I think after the Altman film, um, Ill probably be here, but um, but then Ill take a break until I start working on press for JUST MY LUCK.

The guys were saying they pulled some pranks on you.

(laughs) Yeah, they tortured me. But it was fun. We were shooting late one night and they shut the power off of my trailer and then put a vacuum outside that sounded like a chainsaw and were jumping on the trailer and shaking it and Breckin was underneath the trailer and Justin was on top of the trailer.

Why didnt you retaliate?

Um, I think I did, but I dont remember what I did. We had a water fight. Actually I was pretty good about it. I kinda felt like the more I did in exchange to what they did, then they would just keep going and doing more. But yeah, they did, they did mess with me a lot.

What keeps you grounded?

Um, I think the people around me, my family. Because I have friends that would say something if I was out of line in any way, like Lindsay cool it. But you know, I watch people and I just sit there and I just kinda observe whats going on around me and I see if other people have changed I know what that looks like and I dont want to do that. Its bad karma.

What do you think the movies message to young women is?

Um, if there is something that you wanna do, you should go for it and not let anyone else try to tell you what to do. As cheesy as it sounds, follow your dream.

Whats it like to be a role model for little girls?

ItsI took my sister to see the movie when I saw it and also my little brother and they were cheering too. I was watching them the whole time and its the cutest thing.

How old are they?

My sister is 11, my brother is 9, hes going to be 9 in a week and a half.

You came close to overdoing it on this film.

Um, Im a workaholic. So I tend to just keep going. Im so used to working at this rate that when I dont have anything to do I go crazy. I feel like I need to work more. So I just, I surround myself with people who make sure I say no more than yes at this point.

Why do you work so much?

I think I work so much because Ive been doing a lot at once and tried, you know, you get to a point where you wanna please everyone and thats difficult and you have to just take the timeits all been a learning experience for me, so Ive been learning now to take the time to say what does Lindsay need? What do I need to do for myself? Im growing up and working with Michael and Matt, you get advice from those people and its nice to hear that.

What advice did they give you?

Just to take care of yourself, you know and to make sure youre doing what you wanna do.

Whats your favorite Michael Keaton film?

BEETLEJUICE. And BATMAN. Im a big Michael Keaton fan. And also, was it MULTIPLICITY? He was great in that and I did something similar to that in PARENT TRAP so thats why. Im a big Michael Keaton fan and Matt Dillon. I loved him in WILD THINGS.

What about all of the media attention on you right now?

I think theres become an obsession with the celebrity status right now and just buying the tabloids and feeding into it and its hard because people that dont necessarily know me as a person, on a personal level, theyre gonna believe whatever they read, which is understandable. So they say, I was in New Orleans filming and they said I was in LA out until four in the morning and I was like thats physically impossible, what did I clone myself?. So, you know, its just, I just learn to ignore it.

Do you avoid reading what is written about you?

If its there I read it. I grab it.

What would you like people to know about you?

Um, Im a very honest person. I feel like Im very sincere and I dont take anything for granted and I really feel blessed, lucky and appreciative and thankful. And Im not some crazy, Tara Reid-esque party girl. And I wanna be in this for the long run, so

Tell us about your car accident with the paparazzi.

I was driving, soI didnt have a driver. And I had my friend in the car. You know it happened so fast and I really didnt believe it actually happened and I couldnt get out the side door. And my door had jammed shut and I knew the story of someone that was close to one of my family members that passed away in their car, someone hit their door and they couldnt get out their door. So all I could think at that moment was: I cant get out of my door, Im gonna die in the car, my door is jammed. And then my friend was panicking and had just whacked her head on the window, so she couldnt find a lock switch, so it waswhat was going on was incredible. And then I got out of the car and they continued to take my picture. I said what are you doing? You just..I just I was in shock. Thank God no one was seriously injured. I still have to go to the doctor.

How does that impact your day to day driving around the city?

Um, I have Dean with me, to help me. And I snuck out without Dean, thats probably why I wasnt safe.

Did your NASCAR training kick in at any point?

You know, thats why I made the u-turn because I thought I was a race car driver, shouldve known better.




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