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INT: Michael Davis

Sep. 6, 2007by: Jenny Karakaya

There is nothing more refreshing than walking through a door to be greeted by an exuberant person bursting with positive energy. It was a first as talented writer, director and illustrator Michael Davis expressed his humble gratitude with a surprisingly exciting welcome at the door. Having helmed such romantic comedies as EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, 100 GIRLS AND 100 WOMEN, Davis ventures into the world of over-the-top, action thrillers by conceiving his upcoming film, SHOOT EM UP.

Witty dialogue, inconceivably unique gunfights, dark humor and animated action sequences make SHOOT EM UP so visceral and imaginative that it elucidates a wild video game. Its one mad adrenaline rush! The script is a perfect demonstration of Davis high energy, extraordinary vision and passion for which I was a witness to when sitting down with him most recently. He was sincere and infectiously enthusiastic as he talked about the inspiration for the film, storyboarding, his dream cast and a subsequent action film in the works. Check out what Davis had to say.

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Latest Movie News Headlines

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