INT: Michelle Rodriquez

One thing I can say about THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and now, FAST AND FURIOUS is that the women rule. Michelle Rodriguez kicks some serious arse this time around. But she is also painfully underused. Her character Letty has grown up in the film, yet she still gets to be badass while even bringing another layer to her character the short time she is on-screen.

I was utterly impressed with Michelle when I sat down and talked shop with her. She is ultra laid back and willing to talk about whatever. She spoke about her stunt double, with whom she gives full credit to doing the dangerous stuff (unlike some actors) and she also talked about a couple of upcoming flicks. One you might have heard of is a little film called AVATAR. And I’ll be honest, hearing her talk about it just got me all excited. She is unbelievably passionate about it and the way she speaks of Mr. James Cameron and his latest, it looks as though we may have another monster hit coming our way. But for now, you can see Michelle in F&F.

Source: JoBlo.com



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