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This Friday, we finally get a peak at Robert Rodriguez’ long-awaited continuation of the El Mariachi saga, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO. Because of his Spy Kids obligations, Rodriguez was forced to shelve the project for two years before finally returning to finish the film, which chronicles the further adventures of his guitar-slinging hero. Joining familiar faces such as Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas is tabloid legend Mickey Rourke.

I met with Rourke at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to talk about the film. At least, I think it was Mickey Rourke. He was wearing sunglasses and a ski cap that covered up most of his head, leaving only his mouth and nose visible, so I wasn’t exactly sure. Oh, and he brought his dog, Loki, a Chihuahua-Terrier mix, with him. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill interview. Check it out.


How did you become involved with this project?

When I had met Robert, the script was already written and it was all cast and everything. We wanted to work with each other, so he said, “Do you mind if I just use you for, like, four or five days? I’ll write something in.” I said sure, and it was nice. I’ve worked with Willem (Dafoe) before and I like Johnny Depp’s acting, so there were enough elements that I found interesting. Not to mention working with Robert.

What was it like working with Robert? Are you a fan of his movies?

You know, I’d only seen parts of his other movies. There are a lot of crappy action movies out there, you know. But when I saw a part of Robert’s movie, where a gun came out of a guy’s belt buckle, I thought, “What the fuck is that? This guy is out there.” He did the action with a sense of humor – it wasn’t just like a Van Damme movie. It was intelligent and off-the-wall. Just really wild.

When I met him and spoke to him, it reminded me of when I first met Coppola. When we did RUMBLEFISH years ago, we didn’t even have a script. Robert changes the dialogue while he’s eating lunch. But he does it well – it’s not like he sends it off to writers who come back two weeks later and it’s worse than before. Robert makes it better. If he didn’t, I’d let you know. I was very impressed.

Was it time-consuming, working with a director who assumes so many other roles?

No, because he knows what he wants and he’s very prepared. He’s got a crew that he’s very comfortable with and knows how he works. What’s interesting is that, during any breaks in the shoot, his wife was right there, bouncing stuff off him. And I think that’s very important for him. She’s not just a wallflower; she’s very important to his process. I think their communication is really interesting to see. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Did Loki (Rourke's dog) ever get jealous of the other dog?

A little bit. When I had to do the scenes with the dog, Loki would yap, and Robert’s wife would have to take Loki for a walk.

Has bringing your dog onto the set ever gotten you into trouble?

I actually got fired off of a movie because of Loki’s father. There was this scene I was doing in this movie with Dennis Hopper and Eric Roberts where I was supposed to be killed. So I thought it would be nice if I come in, with my dog, and before they kill me, I could say to one of the bad guys, “Could you look after the dog?” Instead of dying with my hands in my pockets.

So this cunt, this producer, this low-level bitch that she is – this coke-snorting cunt...she says, “The dog will take up too much time.  You can’t do that activity.” I said, “Listen: you’re a producer. The director should tell me what activities to do. Get the fuck off the set.” I was fired at lunch. It made all the papers. The headline read: “Rourke and Bojack Exit at Lunch” (Bojack was the name of the dog.)

The director should have stood up for you.

Oh, he was a pussy. He’ll never work again. This was like a B-movie I was doing for good bread. And she’s like some fucking coke whore. 

I won the deposition, though.

I read an editorial a while ago in which the author insinuated that the preponderance of Botox injections in Hollywood has adversely affected the quality of acting. Your name was mentioned.

I know where that came from. I had a fight one time in Argentina and I had an operation afterward. I had to go shoot a film, but I wasn’t supposed to fly because I had a broken orbital. When I showed up on the movie, my eye was out to here and I had an infection. The doctor had to stick a needle in it.

That’s where it came from?

I guess.

How do you deal with those reports?

I don’t really read any of it. I don’t even see movies. I haven’t seen a movie I’ve done in a long time.


I’d rather watch other people. I have no desire to watch myself in a film. It’s like a shoemaker making a pair of shoes that he has to wear himself.

You watch other movies, obviously. What have you seen that you’ve liked lately?

Name something. I don’t go to the movies. I see movies that are already on the satellite.

Did you see Johnny’s movie, Pirates of the Caribbean?

No, not yet.

What do you like?

I watch whatever comes on. Whatever’s on, I’ll watch. Unless certain people are in it that I can’t fuckin’ stand.

Who are they?

(Laughs) This table’s not big enough to write all the names down.

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