INT: Olivia Thirlby

All the buzz and attention created by the innately talented and naturally beautiful starlet Olivia Thirlby are well justified. On and off-screen, she appears to be far more intelligent and mature than anticipated at her young age. With her noteworthy performances in SNOW ANGELS, JUNO and UNITED 93, she has proven a keen sense to select exceptional material in which to demonstrate her craft. Thirlby substantiates the promise of her ever growing, successful acting career by personifying a popular, carefree, high school senior in her next film, THE WACKNESS.

The fearless actress emanates a subtle beauty, infectious sexiness and captivating on-screen presence, which qualify her as the quintessential heartbreaker Stephanie, in THE WACKNESS. Starring opposite Luke (Josh Peck), who deals with adolescent issues and a mad crush on Stephanie, their shared scenes elucidate a genuine chemistry throughout the film. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the actress and uncovering her thoughts on the film, making love scenes, and working with a wonderful cast and crew. See what Thirlby had to say.

Source: JoBlo.com



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