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INT: Orlando Bloom


JoBlo Note: This was the first movie junket for which we decided to interview the cast/filmmaker on video, as opposed to our standard roundtables with other journalists. Let's see how it goes.

At the ripe age of 24, first time director and writer Frank E. Flowers must be commended for picking a heavenly location to shoot his feature film, but also his ability to recruit exceptionally talented actors to infuse life into his characters. A native of the Cayman Islands, Flowers keeps the action and suspense on the Island raw by overlapping and integrating the diverse characters and complex storylines in his upcoming film HAVEN.

I must admit however, that the film’s main attraction is Orlando Bloom!!!! This A-lister is most definitely one of Hollywood ’s hottest young imports!!! He is beautiful with a matching sexy British accent, (and rumor has it that he may be on the market again!!) Having starred in giant films such as the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy and the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies , Bloom takes on dual roles in HAVEN; that of his character Shy, a victim of forbidden love, and first time producer.

I had the great privilege and honor to sit down for the first time ever for a one on one interview with these super cool guys. Trust me it was difficult to keep my cool and remain composed! Check out how Flowers and Bloom collaborate in their upcoming action packed film Haven, where an otherwise tranquil and peaceful Island is overcome with chaos and violence.

NOTE: The interview below contains some ***SPOILERS***

Orlando Bloom & Frank E. Flowers

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