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INT: Paul Giamatti


Paul Giamatti can easily be described as one of the most versatile actors around. He perpetually reinvents himself with every character he personifies. Having achieved critical acclaim with noteworthy performances in such films as CINDERELLA MAN, LADY IN THE WATER and SIDEWAYS, he demonstrates his enormous talent once again by portraying the chief bad guy in Michael Davis’ new film, SHOOT ‘EM UP.

Giamatti is a multi dimensional, ruthless predator who relentlessly pursues Smith (Clive Owen) with the intention of killing the newborn baby whom Smith rescued. Although his creepy character provokes an endless, high-energy gunfight, he is so animated that his actions manifest some outrageously comical scenes. Giamatti was pleasant, humble and genuinely nice as I probed him about attaining the villain title in SHOOT ‘EM UP. Check out what he had to say about his costars, director and on playing a wicked dude.

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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