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"Wow" is all that kept repeating in my mind over and over again as this young, hot new 11 year old sat down and provided us with incredibly well expressed and articulate responses to our interview questions. To boot, she's multifaceted! Who ever heard of a girl at her age writing her own novel and drawing her own fashion designs? I am certainly intrigued by what’s next for her.

In the meantime, Shephard plays tomboy Donna in the upcoming film UNACCOMPANIED MINORS. Her character is a tough little chick that picks fights with everyone. Check out what she had to say.

Quinn Shephard

How did you get the part in this movie?

My agent called and said that I had an audition to do so we went to an audition in New York . I had a good feeling so a couple of days later they called and said that I was going to fly out to California for the call back and then after the call back they called me a couple of days after I got home and told me that I got the role and that I had to be there in like a week. So that freaked me out a little bit.

How is going so far with shooting the movie?

It’s a lot of fun because of all the kids. Everyone is really great and there’s never a dull moment with other kids your age.

How old are you?

I’m actually only 11, which is the age I’m playing in the movie, but everyone else is actually older than me.

Do you relate to your character? Are you a tomboy in real life too?

No really I’m not at all because I really like pink and purple. I wear skirts and everything like that and I’m not really a tomboy or tough or athletic in real life.

What’s your character like?

She’s very tough. She beats these people up and sort of a tomboy, very athletic and sheltered from everybody else.

Did you do any stunts yourself?

Yeah there were a couple of stunts there.

What did you have to do?

Well there is a scene there where I get into a couple of fights with Grace, then I punch Charlie and he tries to stop me and in the very beginning I have to punch Santa Clause. So that was actually a fun scene to do and it was supposed to be horrible but it was really funny.

Were they movie punches or did you hit really hard?

No that was hard because they get you to hit into something but you have to keep your wrist straight or else you could hurt yourself. It’s really hard.

Do you like playing a tough girl?

Yeah it’s really fun to play the total opposite of who I am because it’s like when I’m on camera I’m this way and I’m off camera I’m this way. So it’s interesting to change.

What’s the most exciting day you’ve had on set?

Probably the gold cart scenes were really exciting because there was a lot of driving and yesterday we had the airbags and we had to go in the air ducts and that was really, really hard to do because there was this whole set up and you had to crawl through it all day and today my knees hurt and my arms are sore.

Did you actually drive the carts?

No, it was remote control?

How is Paul [Feig, the director] to work with?

He’s really great. He’s a great director and he’s so fun to be with because he’s so open to new ideas. He’s definitely the nicest director I’ve ever worked with.

Have you improvised?

Yes, I have and I’ve gotten ideas and all the other kids have as too and he’s always said to go ahead. He’s so cool and open.

Are you the leader if the tough kids in the movie?

Not really. I’m just sort of grossed out by everyone there. I’m just sort of hanging around and thinking that they’re all amateurs. Have you seen the room? It’s covered in food everywhere.

Are you in the canoe scene?

Yes!! The canoe scene has to be the most exciting scene. We filmed it very late at night and it was freezing cold. One night it got down to 6 degrees. They have the canoe hooked up to the big machine and they drag you down the hill really fast and we are all screaming at the top of our lungs the first day because it’s so scary. We’re at the top of this mountain and looking down this big hill and all of a sudden we go shooting down in a canoe. What’s with that? We’re in a canoe! ‘That’s weird.

Did you guys all get along on the set?

Yeah we all definitely get along because we have so much fun together. We do so much fun things like laser tag, and we play together and do a lot of fun stuff.

What do your friends think of you being in movie?

I think my friends are really excited for me and I just want to really say thanks for being enthusiastic with me because I have like 4 best friends and they’ve all been very enthusiastic with me and I talk to them a lot on the phone and they really miss me and I think it’s so mice to have friends that support me.

Where do you live?

I live in New Jersey but a lot of the kids here are from California .

What have you done thus far?

This is my first film that I’ve actually been a character in but I’ve been acting since I was 3. I got my first job when I was 3 1/2 in a gold fish commercial. I did commercials for a while and then I got a part in the movie “Harrison’s Flowers” that filmed in the Czech Republic and I played Andy MacDowell’s daughter. Then I continued doing commercials for a while until I was 7 or 8 and when I was 7 1/2 I got a part in a film festival movie and then I was auditioning for movies and then I got this film.

How did you get into acting?

Well my mom was an actor when she was a young adult and she was acting for a long time pretty much until she got married. She did some acting on SNL and some commercials and movies. She sort of saw that I had the same enthusiasm when I was really little so she got me into acting really early. So I think I love acting because you can be anyone you want to be when you’re acting and it’s a lot of fun because you don’t only have to be yourself.

Who do you want to be that you haven’t been yet?

Well here’s a couple of things, I sort of want to be a ghost for some reason and I thought it would be interesting to be a crazy person or a witch or something. It would be interesting to haunt someone. I’d like to play some kind of super hero or like some evil villain who’s trying to blow up the world. I think it would be really cool to play that.

If it wasn’t for acting, what other career would you chose?

I want to be an artist in a couple of different ways. I want to be a designer and maybe an actor or singer or artist literally. I draw my own designs and I would love to go to NYU or FIT because I’m really interested in arts.

When you do a movie like this, do you talk to the costume designer or other people that do jobs like that?

Well I didn’t really get a chance to do it because I work a lot but yeah I do that. I also want to be a writer.

Do you write right now?

Yes I’m actually writing a novel right now. Everyone thinks I’m to young to be writing a novel. I really want to write novels showing how much peer pressure really affects girls around my age. It’s sort of a book about a girl who gets into a group of girls who are stuck up because of peer pressure. I have about 40 pages so far.

Do you have any help or are you doing it all on your own?

I am doing it all on my own. Sometimes I’ll have something happen in my life and I’ll be like that’s going in my story and then I’ll find a way in my story to work it in. Sometimes I get ideas in my head and I’ll write it down.

Do you want to make a movie based on your book?

Well I would love to write a movie. Sometimes there are things in a book that you can’t do in a movie even with a narrator and there’s something’s in a movie you can’t do in books. I think that it’s good to have a variety.

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