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Interview: Rampart Star Brie Larson

Feb. 9, 2012by: JimmyO

It is hard not to be taken in by the lovely and talented Brie Larson. She is perfect in nearly every way. She gives a stunning performance in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD and she sings the hell out of Metrics Black Sheep. Yet she is also pretty terrific in GREENBURG, United States of Tara and a number of other television and film roles. This week, she shines in the new film RAMPART opposite Woody Harrelson.

Ms. Larson is extremely down to earth, kind and damned easy to talk to. When we sat down to chat, we talked about her role in the new film and about music. It is almost hard to believe that after her performance in SCOTT PILGRIM, she didnt go out and release a CD. She can certainly rock with the best of them, besides being a terrific actress. So basically Brie Larson is crazy attractive, incredibly sweet and pretty much perfect. Yeah, Im a fan. RAMPART opens in limited release this coming Friday.

" I dont know if that is something that Im willing to reveal"



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Latest Movie News Headlines

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