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INT: Robert Duvall


Robert Duvall is arguably one of the greatest actors that have ever graced the silver screen. THE GODFATHER, APOCALYPSE NOW, TENDER MERCIES and so many other films that I could just type the names and take up space. His latest, WE OWN THE NIGHT is a crime drama directed by James Gray and casts Mr. Duvall as the father who faces constant dilemma as one son is the perfect police officer who is following in his footsteps, and the other son makes time with known drug dealers. He plays the role better than anyone else could, finding the complexity in it while making you care about him.

First off, and I know this will sound kind of geeky, but I’m still shocked that I got a chance to sit down and talk with Robert Duvall. And the fact that we talked about one of my favorite all-time movies, APOCALYPSE NOW… I’m still blown away. And the beauty of it is, that Robert is one of the nicest and most down to earth guys you could ever meet. The man is a living legend yet he is so polite and kind. Seriously, I would have loved to talk to him all day and listened to all the many stories he could tell. And if you’d like to see this guy in action, rent a few of his movies, especially TENDER MERCIES (a gem of a movie), and check out WE OWN THE NIGHT, opening in theatres on October 12th.

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