INT: Rose Byrne

Call me a freak, but the first thing I envision when I think of Rose Byrne, is the steamy hot love scene she shared with Brad Pitt, in TROY. Any girl held captive and seduced by Brad Pitt in that role, would have been considered lucky in my book! However sensational, Byrne has had a lot more to offer Hollywood, than her role as the Trojan beauty. I’ve been impressed with the talented and beautiful Aussie, since her dynamic performance, in 2004’s WICKER PARK. She was equally captivating in 2006’s MARIE ANTOINETTE and THE DEAD GIRL. Adding to her long list of credits, Byrne next takes on the lead role of Diana, opposite Nicolas Cage in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, KNOWING.

Diana is the frantic and skeptical daughter of the strange young girl, who once transcribed a page full of numbers, buried in a 50 year time capsule. Diana’s extremely protective of her own daughter, especially when she’s confronted with a terrifying past and grim future, after being tracked down by John (Nicolas Cage), who’s in search of answers. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the magnetic actress, to talk about her interpretation of the film, fulfilling her longtime dream of working with director Alex Proyas and her eerie resemblance to her onscreen daughter, played by Lara Robinson. Check it out.

Source: JoBlo.com



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