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Sam Rockwell maybe one of the most complex actors working today. His recent performance in SNOW ANGELS was so heartfelt and brilliant that I’d love to see it mentioned at Oscar time. But in CHOKE, he takes on an entirely new persona. A con-man, a sex addict and just a lost soul who finds salvation (and monetary support) by making himself choke in a restaurant after finding a (un)lucky patron to save his life. His best friend is played by Brad William Henke, a man with problems of his own. A chronic masturbator who would even shove his hand down his pants and shake the snake while looking at old pictures of someone’s mother.

While both Mr. Rockwell and Mr. Henke are nothing like their characters, I found it to be an interesting experience sitting across from them. Brad really seems to be one of the nicest guys around. He is open and excited to talk about the film. While Sam seems a little reserved, albeit still nice enough to talk about taking on a cinematic version of a Chuck Palahnuik novel. And if you are a fan, the film is worth checking out. And some of you can this coming Friday, when CHOKE opens in limited release at hopefully a theatre near you.

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