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INT: Seann William Scott


I have to say that I really enjoyed Seann William Scott in the AMERICAN PIE franchise. And yes, I also enjoyed DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR? He is one of those guys that Hollywood just decided he was "that guy" and he smartly played on that. But it was in SOUTHLAND TALES, a movie that I didn't quite like, that I saw what Seann can really do. He is terrific in the film. He has talent that has not quite been explored yet, but luckily, he's funny and he can handle an action script. And with ROLE MODELS, he makes the transformation from teenage jokester to adult jokester quite well. Both he and Paul Rudd work very well together with David Wain directing this tale of bad examples on impressionable youths.

I'd sat down with Seann before for MR. WOODCOCK... although he didn't remember that. But he did show the love to JoBlo and that is much appreciated. He is a genuinely nice guy and he seems to be, although quite spirited, nothing like his characters he has portrayed. I appreciated his honesty and his joy in reading bad reviews of his work. In fact, I just really like the guy, and he might even show a little love to JoBlo later on... right Seann?!? I know you're reading this. I'm still waiting man... you know what I'm talking about! So go see ROLE MODELS and have quite a few laughs. It is a pretty damn funny movie.




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