INT: Seth and Franco

I really enjoyed PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. I really think Seth Rogen is damn funny. And in a few recent films he has proven that. From KNOCKED UP to SUPERBAD and a kick arse cameo in STEP BROTHERS, this guy is very freaking funny. But who knew James Franco could be this hilarious. Okay, I know he was there alongside the rest of the gang in “Freaks and Geeks”, but he practically stole the show here. And this is Harry Osborn from SPIDER-MAN! Hell, even his wardrobe is chuckle inducing.

Now I’ve interviewed Seth a few times before and he really is just as nice as you’d expect him to be… as is James. I remember doing the set visit for PINEAPPLE and talking to Mr. Franco at about one in the a.m. and he was decent enough to talk to a small handful of journalists after a long day of filming. It was really nice to see the finished film finally, and to have as much of a great time with it as I did. Will this be the one to finally dethrone THE DARK KNIGHT from its number one position? We’ll know soon enough. But if you are hoping for another week of TDK at the top spot, then go see both. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS opens this Wednesday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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