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I’m not surprised that the "Jackass" guys made a sequel; I’m surprised that they’re still alive and ABLE to make one. After all the things they’ve done – all the various objects they’ve crammed up their various orifices – it’s amazing that one of them hasn’t gone the way of the Crocodile Hunter. May he rest in peace. Crikey!

Last week Steve-O, Ehren McGehey & Chris Pontius stopped by the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood to talk about making JACKASS: NUMBER TWO. Most of the conversation centered around what you might expect – drugs, alcohol, feces, etc. Here are some excerpts. Consider yourself warned.

Steve-O Chris Pontius Ehren McGehey

Steve-O: Seems like in the last couple days I ate nothing except for amphetamines, ecstasy, nitrous oxide, marijuana, xanax, and a whole shit ton of booze. But at least I’m not on coke.

Steve-O, you took a fish hook in your cheek in the movie. How’s your mouth?

Steve-O: It’s all right.

There’s no hole?

Steve-O: I can feel it on the inside but it looks ok on the outside.

Was the hook at least sterilized?

Steve-O: I think so. I think they made a pretty big deal out of it. I didn’t care. I like to keep my immune system on its toes.

Is there anything you won’t do?

Steve-O: Yeah, there’s plenty of stuff I won’t do. On the first movie, I was dead-set against shoving anything up my butt. And now that we’re done with the second movie, they call me the bulldog. Now, shoving shit up my ass is no big deal.

McGehey: It’s second nature. Or maybe it’s first nature.

Steve-O: Danger Ehren, he hurt his pinkie filming Number Two.

(Ehren displays his mangled pinkie.)

McGehey: You see that? Grab it.

Steve-O: So now he’s got no blood flow to his pinkie now. It’s really fantastic news; the doctor said that he’s really gonna need to have his finger amputated.

McGehey: Lack of blood flow.

Steve-O: So we’re gonna shove his pinkie up my ass. Then we’re gonna chop it off with a machete. We’re gonna call it “The Stinky Pinkie.”

McGehey: Well, we haven’t figured out all the details yet, but it’s pretty close to what he described.

You had beer up your ass in this film.

Steve-O: It took a while to get that done right. There were at least three different takes.

McGehey: Three different inserts. It wouldn’t go in far enough, so finally we had to draw a line, to know how far to put it in. That line was about four or five inches up that tube.

Steve-O: What’s amazing about Jackass Two is that everybody gets a moment to be truly ashamed of themselves.

McGehey: We all get a shot.

Steve-O: Forfeiting my anal virginity is almost the least of it.

McGehey: At least you didn’t have crabs in your mouth.

Steve-O: At least I’m not a cum guzzler.

McGehey: So we got a guy who spits beer out of his ass, a guy who eats crabs and a guy who guzzles cum. Let’s make a movie!

Pontius: I’m sure I’m now the only one here who’s tasted semen.

Steve-O: Let’s take a poll.

Pontius: Drinking horse cum though, that’s pretty demented.

Steve-O: The problem is horses just don’t eat pineapples.

Chris, why did you have do that stunt?

Pontius: I showed up to work one day with a belly full of booze and pills. I just wasn’t that functional. This was on Wildboyz.

Steve-O: He was actually kicked off the set because he was deemed unfit to so much as narrate. He was in such pitiful condition, wasted on drugs and booze. So to get himself out of the doghouse, he was like, “All right. This is gonna get me forgiven for my unprofessional day and grant me a new day to be unprofessional in the future.”

Pontius: And I haven’t used that yet. So next time we film, one of those days I’m gonna show up pretty messed up.

Chris, we saw a little of Party Boy at the end, but that was it. Are you not doing Party Boy anymore?

Pontius: I’m pretty over Party Boy, especially now that I’m not fat anymore.

Steve-O: Sometimes I was as stupid as Danger Ehren.

Pontius: Me too.

McGehey: Me too.

Pontius: If you were as stupid as Danger Ehren, you wouldn’t have to worry about scoring drugs anymore.

McGehey: The best thing about being as dumb as I am is there’s no expectations. I can do whatever I want.

Steve-O: If I could do enough drugs to be as stupid as Danger Ehren…I probably would.

McGehey: You’re pretty f*cking close, dumbsh*t.

What is Camp Steve-O? Is that a new show?

Steve-O: Yeah. It’s an on-air pilot, which means that it’s definitely gonna play on the USA Network, immediately after wrestling. It’s funny. I was initially going to be doing a show where I run a summer camp for little kids.

A real one?

Steve-O: Yeah.

McGehey: Sounds like a good idea. “Any of you kids got any pills?”

Steve-O: We tweaked the creative to get the kids out of it. I just had to come to terms with the fact that I might not be the best role model for children.

So Camp Steve-O isn’t for kids.

Steve-O: It’s not for kids. It’s for Type B personality individuals. I’m gonna kinda storm in on them, on their Dungeons & Dragons session, you know…so my mission is gonna be to de-wussify America one lamo at a time.

So what’s it like making these films?

Steve-O: While we were filming Jackass 2, it was like you wake up every morning in strange hotel…and you wake up totally peacefully, and then as you put it together where you are and what you have to do that day, all the peace goes away and you realize, “F*ck. My life sucks.”

Pontius: I was stoked the whole time we were filming. I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I loved it.

McGehey: When we go out to film and then we go home, I was totally stressed out. Even the two weeks at home that I was supposed to be mellow. You know something’s gonna happen. In two weeks you’re gonna have to go to India or some sh*t.

Steve-O: The first movie had a lot of scary moments and the second movie was pretty much horrifying all around.

McGehey: I’m still terrified.

Are you guys still gonna be doing this when you’re 70?

McGehey: If they make good enough wheelchairs, f*ck yeah.

Steve-O: There’s no chance any of us are gonna live ‘til 70, but if we did, we would probably be filthy f*cking motherf*ckers like we are now.

McGehey: And we wouldn’t have to go through five hours of makeup to look like old men. We would already be there.

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