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Interview: The Change-Up star Olivia Wilde!


COWBOYS AND ALIENS, TRON: LEGACY and now THE CHANGE-UP. It would take a very unique actress to take on these challenges. Olivia Wilde not only takes them on, but she makes them work. While we didn’t get to talk about some of her upcoming roles (including LOVELACE), we did talk about the film and what it was like being around funny people for a bit.

Not only is Ms. Wilde a stunning beauty, she has a warmth to her that is undeniable. It is surprising that she has been able to keep some of her hometown decency with her as she is becoming one of the most successful actors working today. And with THE CHANGE-UP, she helps most married guys wonder what they would do in her leading man’s situation. It would be very hard to not be tempted by this gorgeous actress…

THE CHANGE-UP opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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