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Interview: We sit down 1:1 with Expendables 2 star Jason Statham!

3 years agoby:

Jason Statham is a personal favorite when it comes to action stars. With his recent work in the action-packed SAFE, he returns to familiar territory in THE EXPENDABLES 2. The sequel is a rarity in the fact that it is even better than the original. One of the reasons that stood out is how much fun Statham seems to be having playing of Stallone.

Not only is Statham fun to watch on-screen, he is great to chat with in-person. The man is extremely likable and down-to-earth. We talked about his camaraderie with Stallone and he spoke about one of my favorite scenes in the new film. There are slight spoilers if you want the action sequences to completely surprise you. Either way, if you want action THE EXPENDABLES 2 opens this Friday at a theatre near you… and it is certainly a rip roaring’ rock-n-rolling’ good time at the movies.

"There's a script, but when you get there the pages just get thrown on the floor and it becomes Sly's vision for that day."



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1:04AM on 08/17/2012

jason statham fan

statham rocks.very much underrated star
statham rocks.very much underrated star
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