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Interview: The Expendables 2 stars Terry Crews and Randy Couture


Whoever said less is more hasn’t experienced the greatness of THE EXPENDABLES 2. The sequel to the THE EXPENDABLES is more of everything… more stars, more explosions, more bloodshed and more fun. While the film features some big names with Schwarzenegger, Willis and Stallone, some of the best moments come from two gentlemen named Terry Crews and Randy Couture who return with most of the original cast.

When I sat down with these two guys, we talked about one of the key elements that make the film work as well as it does. The fact that they add so much of the talent’s personalities into their on-screen personas help to make this sequel so much fun. THE EXPENDABLES 2 will be storming into a theatre near you, and if you love a ton of action and humor, you are gonna love this better than the original sequel.

“I wanna wear the thinnest tank top ever...”

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