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Interview: The Grey Director Joe Carnahan

Jan. 25, 2012by:

There is something about Joe Carnahan that is unlike most directors. He is forthright and intense yet he still puts you at ease the second you sit down with him. He pointed out that I couldve been one of the guys in his fantastic new film THE GREY. If only! Can you imagine working with the likes of Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson and James Badge Dale. At least I got to spend an afternoon talking to these amazing fellas.

In THE GREY, Joe Carnahan takes this survival story to a whole new level. Forget what you saw in the trailer. This is a much deeper, genuinely more insightful and of course a thrilling and intense feature. The audience was squirming as the plane went down early on and every second afterwards. What could have been just a shock and scare picture has far more in common with movies like JAWS or DELIVERANCE as opposed to most modern day man vs. nature flicks.

Joe spoke about bringing THE GREY to life and the men who helped bring it there. The director of THE A-TEAM, SMOKIN ACES and NARC fully invests the audience, as he did the cast and crew to make this powerful, terrifying and poetic motion picture.

THE GREY opens this Friday at a theatre near you. Seriously, go see this movie!



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8:47PM on 01/25/2012
Carnahan is an awesome guy, judging by this interview
Carnahan is an awesome guy, judging by this interview
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