Interview: Total Recall star Bryan Cranston (oh, he also stars in this TV show called 'Breaking Bad')

Watching Bryan Cranston’s career take off has been a terrific thing to witness. It’s fantastic to see the dad in “Malcolm in the Middle” become one of the coolest actors in the business today. With his recent work in DRIVE, ROCK OF AGES, and now as the villainous Cohaagen in TOTAL RECALL, it is hard not to be excited to see what the guy is up to next. And then of course, there is “Breaking Bad,” where Cranston is consistently giving one of the best performances on television.

When we sat down with Bryan, he talked a little about stunts and taking on some of the more physical aspects of the character. Besides being an absolute professional, it is refreshing to see somebody so excited about what they do and the opportunities they are given. Sadly we ran out of time before we could talk too much about his hit television show, but thankfully the subject did come up.

Check out the great Bryan Cranston this week in TOTAL RECALL, opening Friday at a theatre near you.

"That's the whole story about Breaking Bad...its inconsistency, it continues to change, an evolution of a man -- or devolution really -- and his soul."

Source: JoBlo.com



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