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Making a short but memorable appearance in KILL BILL: VOLUME I is the sexy young actress Vivica A. Fox. Playing an ex-assassin turned soccer mom, the BOOTY CALL star faces off with Uma Thurman’s “The Bride” in the film’s explosive opening fight sequence.  The stylishly choreographed scene features some of the most intense girl-on-girl knife-fighting action in recent cinematic history. 

I met with Vivica at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills to talk about her experience playing a knife-wielding, ass-kicking soccer mom.


You were a great mom in this movie.

The mom who could kick some butt, huh?

What was going through your mind when you first saw this script?

That I had to do it. When Tarantino first sent over the script, I was like, “Oh am I going to be the hooker or something.” Just because you don’t know with him. And then when I read it and it was with Uma Thurman and they were telling me some of the other people who were cast in it, I was like, “You guys please get me a meeting with him.” And in the meantime he had seen TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME and said, “She’s great. I want to get her in a movie.” So we met for a brief meeting and then he came to my house and we read the scene a couple of times at my house and he said, “You’ve got it.” And we went out and celebrated with sushi.

How substantial is your part in Volume II?

I’m just in flashbacks. I’m dead. I’m gone, dude. You will see the massacre and why we came and all that.

Does performing martial arts make you feel sexy?

Well, yeah. Did you notice how whenever I did the kicks they always freeze-framed on my butt. I was like, “Good butt!”

Where did you get the inspiration to fight like that?

Every Friday and Saturday, Quentin made sure we saw kung fu movies and old western movies, so that was inspiring. I was always a huge fan of Bruce Lee.

Why do you think people are so into girl fights?

Tough chicks. Chicks kicking ass. Because they think there’s something sexy about it. I’m just so glad that girl power is working in Hollywood. I’m so glad that our movies are making money, because if they weren’t, trust me, we’d go back to being on the porch waving the guy to save the day for us. So I’m really glad that Hollywood has embraced us and that our fans have embraced us and love to see it as well, too, because without the support of the fans and stuff we wouldn’t make it.

Both Lucy and Uma talked about how empowering it was to kick ass. Was it the same for you?

Absolutely. It felt good to come to work and kick some ass. It did. I’m sadistic. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d done comedies back-to-back-to back and I wanted something dark, gritty and physical. Be careful what you ask for, because then came KILL BILL and it was five long months. But when I saw the product, I was so proud of it.

How did they handle that scene with the little girl?

We made sure beforehand that we brought her on the set and let her know that the blood wasn’t real. We talked to her about it. She was a trooper. She was like, “I get it. I know my lines, y’all ready?” Her name was Ambrosia. She was six. She just looked young. They always have the kids older so they can handle it. She wasn’t afraid at all. She knew her lines, she did her part and she was really good.

Who’s your favorite action movie heroine?

From back in the day or now? Pam Grier, of course. I actually would love to do a remake of FOXY BROWN and have her involved in it and kick some ass, Foxy Brown style.

Isn’t there a script floating around?

There’s one floating around, but they’re trying to give it to Halle. I’m like, “She can’t be Catwoman and Foxy Brown!”  I think after Kill Bill that maybe they’ll be a little more receptive and open to me.

And in your next movie you’re playing a fairy godmother?

Thank God! Miramax handed me a little gift because they know they tortured me for one scene. One great scene. I did the movie ELLA ENCHANTED and I got to go to Ireland and film and it was like pretty and pink and glitter and sparkling and magical and green screens and no fighting. It was just great. So that was like Harvey’s way of looking out for me.

Can you talk about how you’ve grown in the past couple of years, personally and artistically?

Gosh. Well, now I’m producing films. I just produced my first film, MOTIVE, which is a sexy suspense thriller. I’m actually about to go to D.C. after this movie comes out. I’m going to produce another movie. I’ve learned in the last couple of years that I can’t wait on Hollywood to determine what I’m going to do. I have to open the doors to my destiny and set the next chapters that are about to happen in my life and not be afraid to. That’s been the most growth that’s been eye-opening for myself: that I can’t wait on my agents to do this. I have to.

Are you more girly-girl or more tomboy?

It all depends on what day it is. If it’s premiere night, I’m going elegant and all out. But in everyday life I’m in sweat pants. I like to work out and hang out with my friends and go to the movies and go to the grocery store.  So, during the week I’m tomboy, but I guess I’m a weekend socialite when there are events. I love to dress up.

Do you still hoop?

No girl, I have retired those sneakers since JUWANNA MAN. Oh, my knees couldn’t take that. Oh my gosh. I played in high school. I love basketball though, but I have no more desire to play.

Do you like being single again?

Well, I’m kinda . . .yes! I enjoy being single again.

Well, you’re not exactly single.  I meant, do you like being unmarried?

Yes, yes, God yes! Oh my God yes!

It wasn’t all that bad, was it?

Yes, it was. But that was one chapter and it’s over. I’m very happily somewhat single.

Would you have any advice for Uma dealing with her situation?

Only that they should communicate and if it’s not working they should let it end.

How do you look back on movies you did when you were younger, like Juwanna Mann or Boat Trip?

I’m proud of them. They blew it on BOAT TRIP because they held it for too long. We did the movie almost two to three years ago. When they released it, it was too late. The country was going at war, so it’s out of my hands at that point. But, I loved working with Cuba, and I got to travel on a boat. I went to Greece, Israel, Africa and all kinds of wonderful places. I really don’t have any regrets, to be honest with you. I’ve been very blessed with pretty much everything I’ve worked on. It’s been a good experience.

Any fond Booty Call memories?

You knew he had to throw some BOOTY CALL in there. Just that I got to work with Jamie and them. It’s like a cult classic on Comedy Central. I hope we do Booty Call 2.


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