INT: Voight/Taylor

Jon Voight is one of the best actors of any generation. From MIDNIGHT COWBOY all the way to his recent work, he is a consistently great actor, although he should be getting Oscar quality roles. That said, he still has tons of time. So getting the chance to talk with him regarding TRANSFORMERS was an amazingly pleasant experience.

Especially since the incredibly beautiful Rachael Taylor, who is now shooting the horror feature SHUTTER (yes, another remake but I don’t care, she’s amazing), was sitting next to him. Although I did find it odd to pair the two up for an interview, it was a terrific experience. They are both incredibly nice and it was fascinating to hear Jon talk about his work as the anti-stereotype government official. And did I happen to mention how lovely Rachael is? And her Aussie accent? Well she is.

PS: Stay tuned to the very end for Voight's shout-out to JoBlo.com.

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