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Interview: Will Ferrell from Casa de mi Padre

Mar. 15, 2012by: JimmyO

Will Ferrell has made some pretty fantastic comedies throughout the years. From TALLADEGA NIGHTS to ANCHORMAN, he has proven to have a real gift at creating some incredibly funny films. In his latest feature, CASA DE MI PADRE, he took on an entirely new language playing Armando Alvarez, a dim ranchero protecting his family in this satirical look at telenovelas. While this film is sure to divide audiences with its specific brand of humor, nearly the entire roomful of critics I was with was laughing pretty loud throughout. We’ll see who actually admits it when the reviews come out. Yet sitting down with Will, it was fun talking about the film and of course, doing a love scene with the beautiful Genesis Rodriguez and a mannequin. What will American audiences make of a Spanish speaking Ferrell? We’ll find out this coming weekend when CASA DE MI PADRE opens in limited release.

“Mexico is the bestico!”


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