Intl. Transformers poster

Let's all pretend that we're in a kindergarten class. I'm the teacher, and you guys are the kiddies, with your SHREK t-shirts and chocolate-pudding-stained mouths. Now I say, "Who wants to see yet another international poster for TRANSFORMERS?" And then you all raise your hands and say "Me! Me! Me! I do! I do! I do!" And then me, being the benevolent, golden-hearted teacher that I am, say "Okay you little shits! Then go to JoBlo.com and check it out there because all I want to do is finish the bottle of whiskey in my desk and drink n' dial my ex, so piss off!" Then all of you run out of the class screaming "Yaaaay!!!!", head home to the brand new MacBooks Mommy and Daddy bought your spoiled little arses, and head on over to JoBlo.com just like I said to check out the poster BELOW, while I wallow in my booze-soaked misery and contemplate ending it once and for all.

Extra Tidbit: I had a horrible, horrible kindergarten experience.
Source: Aintitcoolnews



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