Into The Wild trailer/poster

Ever since I saw Emile Hirsch manhandle a skateboard in empty swimming pools with skill, grace, and sandy-blonde locks in LORDS OF DOGTOWN, I've been in love with him. His just-don't-give-a-shit attitude shines through in so many of his roles, particularly ALPHA DOG, where he even out-pimped Justin Timberlake (no easy feat).

In his next film (before he goes all Hollywood on me with SPEED RACER), Hirsch heads INTO THE WILD as Christopher McCandless, an idealist who gave up a secure and promising future to embark on an wilderness odyssey by living in the harsh Alaskan terrain, among other things. The movie is based on the best-selling non-fiction book of the same name by John Krakauer and is directed by another guy I wish I was, Sean Penn. Also, when you watch the trailer you'll notice a bunch of familiar faces, but I've posted the poster BELOW to spoil the fun for you, since all the names are listed right there.

I loved this trailer. It made me hate the inactive life of excess I live now, it made me love Emile Hirsch even more, and most of all, it did exactly what a trailer is supposed to do: it made me want to go see this movie. Check it out HERE and the movie hits theaters on September 21.

Extra Tidbit: Hirsch went from 156 to 115 pounds during the rigorous nine month shoot. Dreamy.
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