Introducing Joshua!

The second I saw Leonardo DiCaprio slip off Vera Farmiga's pants and reveal her, um, thong in THE DEPARTED, I was instantly a fan; of both of them actually. But I don't want to make out with Leo (ok, maybe a little) but Vera, Vera, Vera, you are for me. Not only did she prove her worthiness acting-wise, but damn, girl looks good in a thong! This is why I'm excited to bring you the trailer for the new thriller JOSHUA, starring Vera in all her surely-thong-filled glory and Sam Rockwell.

JOSHUA deals with a child prodigy (something I could relate to) who's got a bad case of the greens when his brand new sister steals all of mommy and daddy's (Farmiga and Rockwell) attention. When kids get jealous of their siblings, I expect a fit here, a tantrum there. But murder? Easy Joshua, it's only temporary. You're a prodigy, dude. Click on the poster BELOW to check out the relatively creepy trailer. JOSHUA is released in limited on July 6th in the US and in Canada a couple of weeks later.

Extra Tidbit: Vera Farmiga is my Salma Hayek.



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