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Invictus Trailer


If it wasn't already assumed that a film directed by Clint Eastwood will make the Oscars watchlist, this one surely will seal the deal - Matt Damon alongside Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela; Everybody else should just be happy to be nominated at all.

INVICTUS, Eastwood's film about Mandela who's post-apartheid efforts are rallied by the nation's Rugby team going to the World Cup, now has a trailer to show for. Anybody better than me with accents care to weigh in on whether Damon got it right?

The film comes out in theaters December 11th, and wins a few Oscars on March 7th next year. That trailer is right down there, with an HD version OVER HERE. Thanks to Danny for the heads-up.

Extra Tidbit: I still consider Freeman's best performance to be the singing vampire who takes a bath in a casket. Twilight has nothing on this guy!
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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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