Iron, Fox & Dragons Poster

A bunch of posters made their way onto the net over the weekend, 2 of 'em inconsequential at best and one pretty interesting.

First came Russian one-sheets for IRON MAN 2 and Dreamworks' HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. I'm guessing Russian but feel free to correct me. And inconsequential because the IRON MAN one could easily be a teaser poster for the first with a 2 slapped on it so much it brings absolutely nothing new, while DRAGONS is something I have yet to be interested at all in, and that poster doesn't quite do the trick. Still, here they are. DRAGONS opens March 26th (day before my B-day) while Tony Stark flies again May 7th.

                                         Iron Man Russian poster

                                         Dragon Russian Poster

Then comes a full-blown poster for Wes Anderson's THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX, which proved a roller-coaster of interest for me. First I was thrilled to learn Anderson was doing it, then I saw the first pics that looked bland and boring, but then comes that poster and I'm curious again. The film, with its kick-ass voice cast including George Clooney and Bill Murray, opens wide on November 25th.

      Mr Fox Poster

Extra Tidbit: My favorite poster of all time remains this one for Clockwork Orange.
Source: JoBlo



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