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Iron I-Max 2? In 3D?


So, THE DARK KNIGHT. That turned out to be pretty big, huh? Wonder how future superhero movies might try to do things even bigger?

Well, if Jon "Favs" Favreau has his way, he'll get to make IRON MAN 2 filmed entirely for the gargantuan IMAX screens -- and in 3-D! While pimping the new IRON MAN DVD, Favs told Collider that the IMAX-specific footage in TDK was a "game changer" and that he'd be interested in doing part or all of his metal-shrouded sequel in the format, and in 3-D if budget allows.

There isn't much else known about IRON MAN 2 yet, since they haven't actively begun working on it (despite a proposed summer 2010 release), but Favs did apparently drop hints about Mandarin and War Machine. Fortunately he wants to refrain from the film's tone going in the darker direction everyone wants to go post-TDK.

Extra Tidbit: Goofy pic came from RIGHT HERE!
Source: Collider



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