Iron Man 2 game

For the rest of us who didn’t attend Comic Con this past week, this trailer for Sega’s IRON MAN 2 game is probably the closest we’ll get to footage from the film for at least a little while. That is, unless you’d prefer an expertly sweded version of the trailer to tide you over. 

The game footage is mainly a lot of Iron Man ramming his way through a collection of other machines, but one bit to note is the distinct appearance of what is most definitely Crimson Dynamo. It’s been unclear since Mickey Rourke’s casting whether he was playing Whiplash, Dynamo, or some combination of the two, and I thought we had settled on Whiplash, but with Dynamo showing up in the game, could that mean we might see him in the film as well? I doubt it, but I guess anything's possible.

In any case, I hope that Sega has put a more work into this game than the effort that went into the original. With no one expecting much out of the first IRON MAN, the developers seemed just fine with letting the power suit control like a drunken elephant strapped to a pair of rocket boosters, so hopefully they’ve learned a few lessons for the sequel.

Extra Tidbit: Could Dynamo be what Rourke looks like when he trades in his S&M bondage gear for actual armor?
Source: Machinima



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