Iron Man 2 pic

Ever since the full trailer for TRANSFORMERS 2 was released, everyone's been going bananas for the film, and with good reason. It truly looks like it will embody everything that summer blockbusters should be about: balls-out, jaw-dropping fun. Now we get our first real peak at what is sure to be the TRANSFORMERS 2 of 2010, another sequel that will be all about entertainment. Check out the first offical image of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN 2. It looks as though he's in an Iron Man museum, with the different variations of his suit visible in the background, but we all know he's in his basement, probably working on the hot shit.

In the USA Today exclusive, director Jon Favreau also talks about the sequel's intention to explore how Tony's life is affected by the lack of secret identity, an avenue most superhero movies don't get to explore. Here's a tidbit:

How many superheroes are open about their true identities? We wanted to play with that idea. But it obviously has consequences — in his relationships, on the team. There are a lot of areas we can explore.

This is definitely the film to beat in 2010, agreed?
Extra Tidbit: Jon Favreau is probably the coolest dude in Hollywood.
Source: USA TodayI



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