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So, I didn't find it imperative to run over to Hall H this year to check out the IRON MAN 2 panel. Sure, I would have gotten to see Robert Downey Jr. and the lovely ScarJo but I heard the footage they brought wasn't all that impressive. But regardless of what people are saying about that, I am excited to see all the new pictures and virals that come out for the movie.

Before you see the picture, there's this real interesting viral wanting you to join Stark Industries, maybe you've heard of it? I've signed up myself over at starkindustriesnow.com. It's basically a job application, except way more exciting. The only part that boggled my mind was the intense questions like, 'What region of the globe would you consider most in need of intelecrop technology?' Needless to say, I had to look up the answers to some of these in google. I'm only a writer, not a nuclear physicist. I had no idea what position I wanted to apply for so I just went with my day job of present, secretary. Plus, I'd get to wear hot sexy outfits.

I guess now you can get what you're here for, the picture. But please fill out an application, maybe we'll work together in close quarters.

Extra Tidbit: Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan has people call him by the nickname of Tony Starks. Rappers are the only people I know of that can adapt a hundred different aliases.
Source: marvel.com



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