Iron Man 2 rolling

Yesterday we told you about someone on the production team of THE EXPENDABLES using Twitter to keep fans plugged in during the shooting of the film. Well it looks as though Jon Favreau has decided to follow suit with IRON MAN 2, as the director posted two photos yesterday on his Twitter account.

In addition SpoilerTV has the first shots of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark and Don Cheadle as Rhodey.

As you can see not much is happening in the photos but I'm sure as the production progresses, Favreau will tease us with some more juicy nuggets. Favreau also mentions that the first day of shooting "went great" and that he is "blessed to do what I love with such wonderful people." I almost have the same thing except that I am blessed to do wonderful people with people that I love. Follow Jon Favreau on twitter here, and be sure to follow Joblo on twitter here!.


Extra Tidbit: What actors or directors do you follow on Twitter?
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