Iron Man 2 site up and ready to show you the goods

Yesterday a viral site for Stark Expo 2010 debuted.

Today, the official site for IRON MAN 2 has launched.

Is it cool? Well of course. It's Iron Man. Now, don't go to the site expecting it to just blow your mind. It's got a lot of cool content on it, all the basics: gallery, videos, character/actor/actress bios, etc. Also, while browsing you can listen to some of the instrumental tracks on the IRON MAN 2 soundtrack. It did get a little repetitious after 10 minutes however.

I also saw that a few of the photos in the gallery were new. One is a rather sexy shot of Scarlett as Black Widow, throw in some Justin Hammer, and then top it off with a little Nick Fury action.

Check it out for yourself. Click on the screenshot below. Happy exploring!

Extra Tidbit: They had that very same display of Iron Man suits at Comic-Con last year.
Source: Ironmanmovie



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